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Dylan J. McCaffrey CF, EqDT

"Taking his mind, out of his Mouth!"

Equine Dentistry is an essential part of equine health care. By promoting dental health and maintenance we can ensure peak performance and harmony between the horse and rider. Thorough dental care can quite literally improve every aspect of your horse.

As an Equine Dental Professional, I strive to provide the highest level of dental care possible, taking both the horse's health into consideration, and overall performance as-well. I maintain a special interest in Performance Dentistry,  most of which is never even considered by the average dental provider. For this reason, we can usually far exceed the expectations of a conventional "floating" and this gives our clients the edge when it comes to  high performance.

I have taken the time to provide ample information in regards to Equine Dentistry on this site, but should you have any questions;

Dylan McCaffrey CF, EqDT
RR#1 Lombardy Ontario

Inquiries Welcome!

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